Statistics to Get You Ready to Make the Most of Video Marketing In 2017

The last few years in the marketing industry has seen an increased preference for videos by both businesses and consumers. Companies have realized the power of presenting their business propositions via video while most consumers today have access to mobile devices that allow them to watch video content as well as access to internet connections that make it easy for them to enjoy videos of all types.

This rise, perhaps partially explains why Gardner, a Toronto video production company is increasing its reach to businesses that want to use video marketing to get their products and services to the right audiences. The following are insights into video marketing that you should have at your fingertips if you are to make the most of the opportunities available in this space.

  • Today, video content represents 74% of the entire internet traffic. By 2019, Cisco expects this percentage to have climbed to 80%.

  • Instead of reading about a product or service, most consumers prefer to watch videos about it. In fact, the number who would rather watch a video is at least four times that of those who would rather read about the product.

  • Video marketing is extremely effective. According to a survey conducted by Animoto, 76.5% of small business entrepreneurs and marketers say that using videos for marketing had a direct and significant positive effect on their business. And of all these business owners and marketers who were part of the survey, 60% said they intend to increase their budget allocation for video marketing this year.

  • What’s more, did you know that including the word “video” in a marketing email subject line has been found to increase open rates? Yes! Adding that word can increase the rate at which your marketing emails will be opened by up to 19%. Additionally, the click-through rates of such emails get a boost of a massive 65%.

If there is one message that these statistics send today, it is that 2017 is a year that you must do everything you need to do to make the most of video marketing. Perhaps it is time that you visited your preferred video production company and ask how their professionals can help you do this.