Statistics to Get You Ready to Make the Most of Video Marketing In 2017

The last few years in the marketing industry has seen an increased preference for videos by both businesses and consumers. Companies have realized the power of presenting their business propositions via video while most consumers today have access to mobile devices that allow them to watch video content as well as access to internet connections that make it easy for them to enjoy videos of all types.

This rise, perhaps partially explains why Gardner, a Toronto video production company is increasing its reach to businesses that want to use video marketing to get their products and services to the right audiences. The following are insights into video marketing that you should have at your fingertips if you are to make the most of the opportunities available in this space.

  • Today, video content represents 74% of the entire internet traffic. By 2019, Cisco expects this percentage to have climbed to 80%.

  • Instead of reading about a product or service, most consumers prefer to watch videos about it. In fact, the number who would rather watch a video is at least four times that of those who would rather read about the product.

  • Video marketing is extremely effective. According to a survey conducted by Animoto, 76.5% of small business entrepreneurs and marketers say that using videos for marketing had a direct and significant positive effect on their business. And of all these business owners and marketers who were part of the survey, 60% said they intend to increase their budget allocation for video marketing this year.

  • What’s more, did you know that including the word “video” in a marketing email subject line has been found to increase open rates? Yes! Adding that word can increase the rate at which your marketing emails will be opened by up to 19%. Additionally, the click-through rates of such emails get a boost of a massive 65%.

If there is one message that these statistics send today, it is that 2017 is a year that you must do everything you need to do to make the most of video marketing. Perhaps it is time that you visited your preferred video production company and ask how their professionals can help you do this.


IT Marketing: The 5 Vital Elements

IT marketing

For a large number of tech service firms, now is the perfect time to make use of the enormous opportunities of the growing complexities of IT marketing. With a marketplace that has become increasingly competitive than ever, an efficient IT strategy for marketing will prove to be very important.

In the past, a lot of tech firms were built out of the spoken words. Selling technology was made easy without the use of extensive marketing. This answers the question why a number of these firms have very bad websites as well as user experience ratings.

These days, there is now a need for an excellent website because for most people, it is where they get an indication of your credibility. A website which appears to be unimpressive is one of the main reasons why some buyers reject the idea of referrals. So, what elements make a good IT marketing plan?

Mobile Responsive

Keep in mind that your website must appear excellent regardless of how it is presented, be it on a desktop, a phone or on a tablet. Given the value of mobile of browsing, Google is making sure that search rankings will be mobile-friendly. Having said that, you must see to it that your website has taken the responsive platform in order to adjust to the form factor of your guest’s device.

Do Some Research

Through learning the ins and outs of your marketplace, you will be able to have an idea of the expectations and needs of your clients. This information will give you the opportunity to gain advantage in providing effective services, before other competitors do. It will give you an overview of your market performance. You can highlight a detailed and objective data on how well your business is working, as well as, smoothly present services and/or products.

Search Engine Optimization

Similar to the entire tech services marketplace, search engine optimization is continuously evolving and hard to maintain. The methods used from yesterday may no longer be today’s reason for success. Therefore, in a highly competitive environment with a crucial need for visibility, the efficient use of search engine optimization as an IT marketing strategy is vital.

On-site SEO allows the growth of your website’s relevance via strategically using the aimed keyword phrases and connecting them with your expertise and services, of course with the aid of solid SEO strategies. Off-site search engine optimization, on the other hand, will increase your website’s authority by way of earning brand mentions, social media, and backlinks.

Content Marketing

This is the mechanism that gives support to the whole IT strategies. It is the major point in IT services that attracts important audiences. If done well, it can pull engagements closer to actually quantifying leads and completely producing new business ideas.

Social Media Integration

It is a general knowledge that social media plays a major factor in the increase of IT service firms. It has become an important medium not only for communicating with people and taking part in industry related discussions, but in sharing your content as well.

With the above mentioned techniques, success will surely arrive.


Shaping Perceptions – Entertainment PR Los Angeles

great entertainment pr los angeles

There are enough lawyer jokes in the world to last several lifetimes.  Most of them center around the way lawyers can use reason to convince you that black is white and white is black.  In a way people involved in Entertainment PR Los Angeles bend the truth a bit just like lawyers.

Most of the time PR and marketing campaigns are used properly to raise awareness of social problems, save careers from simple adolescent errors and do a host of other great things.  And at present, good PR support is an essential and integral part of any team that handles entertainment figures.  As the prominence of an entertainment figure grows, so do the number of people wanting to bash that prominence to pieces on various forms of social media.  And this is where really good PR firms shine.

There are some very few exceptions, however, when PR and marketing campaigns are abused in order to clean-up the reputation of their prominent clients.  It is not so much the person they are defending but the brand built around that person.  Overzealous defense of clearly misbehaving people not only fail to get the desired results, they manage to drag down the reputations of the PR firms with them.

Most PR firms act much like advocates ready and willing to defend the reputations of their clients from all comers.  As for great entertainment PR Los Angeles, they succeed in defending their clients most of the time.  Why do they sometimes fail?  Well it has been proven that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.



Web Development Toronto – The Need To Be Visible

toronto web development companies

There are literally millions of web pages in the world.  These pages are in almost every known language and involve diverse subject matter.  But how many websites can we remember off the top of our heads?  Aside from the most popular social media, email, news and search engine websites, many of us can remember very few others.

In spite of web development Toronto firms do create beautiful websites with interesting content, there are so many of them that we have to rely on search engines to find the ones we need.  The same reliance on search engines has pushed web owners, many of them involved in online commerce, to aim to rank high in search engine rankings.  As a result Toronto web development companies now offer search engine optimization (SEO) services.  It is really all about the website’s need to be visible to its target clients; the most beautiful websites with the most useful and interesting content are useless if no one can find them.  Members of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association know how important SEO rankings are.

Toronto web development firms begin SEO work by doing website analysis and consultation.  This is to be able to accurately compare the company’s products, their goals, and past SEO experience with their marketing goals.  Professional web developers then examine the website to determine the effectiveness of Meta tags, keywords, content, internal links, etc.

SEO experts try to rate the present website from the point of view of site visitors.  They see whether it is easy to navigate within the site, if the pages load reasonably fast, as well as all the elements in the site which encourage interaction: contact forms, calls to action, registration forms, order forms, online chat, etc.  Web Design Experts also review past search engine rankings, how the website compares against those of competitors, and the website’s links.

Once web development professionals in Toronto have identified the possible problems, they provide a list of recommendations.  Some possible recommendations include a change of keywords, revising keyword density, improving content, better quality links, etc.  However, Toronto web developers can only make recommendations. The recommendations are discussed with the client and decisions are made about which ones the client agrees to have implemented.

Usually, SEO experts also provide performance targets, in this case a rise in SEO rankings, over a period of time.  Where the rankings are deemed to be already high, the advices given are usually intended to maintain such high rankings.  Performance targets are based on the recommended measures the client agrees to implement.

So when do websites require an assessment from SEO experts?  Web merchants are advised to contact SEO professionals for assessment whenever they feel their sites are not ranking as well as they want it to.  Web professionals in Toronto can immediately advise whether there is cause for concern or maybe you’re doing fine after all.  Other than that, webmasters also need to have minor consultations with SEO specialists whenever the big search engines announce major changes to their ranking algorithms.